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3 Types of Cardboard Boxes You Didn’t Know You Could Buy

When it comes to moving, storing things, or other miscellaneous tasks, it’s likely that you have a fair amount of cardboard boxes to get the job done. The old four-sided brown container is a trusty item that goes unnoticed most of the time, yet seems to be quite handy right when you need it.

But what about awkward items or foods you may have which need specific containers when you move or ship something? What if you want to sell your confectionaries and need a specific box for them? Well, there are other cardboard boxes besides your traditional cube/rectangle boxes. Check out these boxes you may have heard of or seen yet never thought to purchase for your own needs.

Candy boxes.
Candy boxes are likely seen more often around specific holidays and are sold with chocolates in them by various companies. Though you may not have thought about it the last time you got some luxury chocolates, the box itself was specific to hold all those varied candies. A lot of the time, these boxes have plastic films on the top of them to create a “window” of sorts to see the chocolates within.

Dish boxes.
Didn’t know this was a thing, did you? These boxes are still corrugated but have a partition kit within them to keep your dishes separate from one another and also provide multi-layered protection. They’re about as good as you can get for your dishes when it comes to moving, storage, or any other needs you may have.
In addition, you can also store things like Christmas ornaments or expensive baubles without worrying about them breaking under the weight of each other.

Lamp boxes.
These boxes are great for the awkwardness of lamps. They usually come wide enough to accomodate for your lamp’s shade, too, so you don’t have to worry about packing the shade separately. Of course, these come in a variety of sizes as well to fit smaller or bigger lamp shades.

Though you may have gotten by with cramming everything you own into your standard cardboard box (with the help of blankets, newspaper, or other unsafe alternatives for your fragile items), think about choosing some of these alternative cardboard boxes the next time you’re out and about. You’ll have a slew of new storage and shipping options for specific items, and everything will be better organized, costing you no time to do so in the process.



Making And Repurposing Candy Boxes For Gifts And Shipping

Making and repurposing candy boxes is one of the easier things that you can do for your recipients or your shipping. You can make a special candy box on your own, or you could turn a candy box into something brand new. Take a look at the steps listed below that explain how to build the candy box that you need for your gifts.

  1. How Do You Decorate The Box?

You can decorate your box in any style that you like, and you might add things to the exterior of the box so that you can create a style that is brand new. There are many people who will find that they can use the boxes to wrap up small gifts, or they could write on the box instead of folding paper or adding additional layers to the outside.

  1. The Box Can Be Cut And Folded

The box can be cut and folded into a new style, and you might create a box with a brand new lid. You could turn the lid into a folding lid with a clasp, or you could make a lid that fits directly over the top. You might even go so far as folding the box and lid origami style because you want to make a specific size and shape.

  1. Lining The Box

Lining the box is something that you can do with any fabric or paper. You might write messages on the interior of the box, and you will notice that you can leave people little messages that they need to hear. This makes the box into something of a surprise, and it is much more fun for people to open because they can see that the box was decorated by-hand.

  1. How Big Can The Boxes Get?

You can cut and fold boxes into any size that you want. You could make fairly large boxes using these same techniques, and you will discover that the boxes can have a lid that will keep them closed during shipping. You could have them set up in a way that makes them easy to open, or you could tape shut in such a way that they cans lit open very easily.

  1. Surprise Boxes

You could put all the leftovers and trimmings into the box itself so that you have a surprise pop out when people are opening the box. You made all the things on the inside that will make the box into a surprise, and you can stuff them in there before closing the box. This means that you must shove the lid closed, and you will find that it bursts open when they cut the tape.

  1. Conclusion

You can make any box that you want using paper or boxes that you have repurposed. You could use the boxes to send gifts to anyone in your family, and you will find that you could make boxes for every gift that you give so that you have freedom to be more creative.

Candy Boxes are Fun

I’m willing to bet that not too many of us would say a box of candy is a lame gift.  Candy is always amazing.  I mean, why do you think people love Halloween so much?  Oh sure, dressing up and doing the whole trick or treating thing is fun, but it’s the CANDY that everybody talks about for the months before and after.

So, needless to say, candy Boxes are great party favors, and also great gifts.

Just today my son went to a birthday party, and the party favors were candy boxes.  You can buy the boxes at any craft store, stuff them with fun kinds of candy, and it’s like you are giving each kid a twenty-dollar bill.  If you put in different kinds they can even trade!


Speaking of trading candy, we used to have this tradition in our home around Christmas time.  Well, technically it wasn’t Christmas time, it was Thanksgiving, but since my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins only came in for Thanksgiving every year we would turn the day after into Christmas day.  This was obviously before Black Friday shopping had really become an obsession…

Anyway, my grandparents both came from the Mother Country, if you will, and they brought with them a tradition called “bunte teller”, which all of us kids called “buntenteller”.

The concept is that each grandchild got a basket laden with candies of all kinds.  Colorful candy boxes covered with German writing, from the local European markets or from the Amish country.  Our favorite candies, and different kinds of candies in each basket.  We probably spent a good hour going through each piece and then taking place in a serious trading session.  As we got older, there would be a little velvet bag in the basket that had some money in it.  Now that we are all adults the tradition has disbanded, mostly because we all visit at various times of the year, but the memories are amazing.  Just thinking back on it makes me want to start using it with my kids.

Candy Boxes

Anyway, it’s undeniable that candy is just fun.  There’s something about candy boxes that make us smile a little bit, regardless of how old you are, or where you come from.  Giving each other the gift of a tasty treat just translates well.  It’s like you are wishing something good into the life of someone else, and I don’t think I’m reading into it too much.