3 Types of Cardboard Boxes You Didn’t Know You Could Buy

When it comes to moving, storing things, or other miscellaneous tasks, it’s likely that you have a fair amount of cardboard boxes to get the job done. The old four-sided brown container is a trusty item that goes unnoticed most of the time, yet seems to be quite handy right when you need it.

But what about awkward items or foods you may have which need specific containers when you move or ship something? What if you want to sell your confectionaries and need a specific box for them? Well, there are other cardboard boxes besides your traditional cube/rectangle boxes. Check out these boxes you may have heard of or seen yet never thought to purchase for your own needs.

Candy boxes.
Candy boxes are likely seen more often around specific holidays and are sold with chocolates in them by various companies. Though you may not have thought about it the last time you got some luxury chocolates, the box itself was specific to hold all those varied candies. A lot of the time, these boxes have plastic films on the top of them to create a “window” of sorts to see the chocolates within.

Dish boxes.
Didn’t know this was a thing, did you? These boxes are still corrugated but have a partition kit within them to keep your dishes separate from one another and also provide multi-layered protection. They’re about as good as you can get for your dishes when it comes to moving, storage, or any other needs you may have.
In addition, you can also store things like Christmas ornaments or expensive baubles without worrying about them breaking under the weight of each other.

Lamp boxes.
These boxes are great for the awkwardness of lamps. They usually come wide enough to accomodate for your lamp’s shade, too, so you don’t have to worry about packing the shade separately. Of course, these come in a variety of sizes as well to fit smaller or bigger lamp shades.

Though you may have gotten by with cramming everything you own into your standard cardboard box (with the help of blankets, newspaper, or other unsafe alternatives for your fragile items), think about choosing some of these alternative cardboard boxes the next time you’re out and about. You’ll have a slew of new storage and shipping options for specific items, and everything will be better organized, costing you no time to do so in the process.