Best kitchen appliances: Microwave

Speed and smarts now go hand in hand as more microwaves serve as second ovens. Today’s microwaves come in many different varieties, but they all unite around one common goal – to heat things efficiently and quickly. It is no wonder that I have a soft spot in my heart for this unglamorous, yet hard working kitchen appliance.

Pick a type and size

Countertop models cost the least and are best for kitchens with lots of counter space. Compact models can cost very little but typically offer the least cooking space.
Small: up to 0.9 cu. ft.; 600 – 800 watts; good for apartments
Medium: 1.0 to 1.4 cu. ft.; 850 – 1650 watts
Large: greater than 1.4 cu. ft.; 850 – 1650 watts; good for families

Microwaves Types

Traditional: This microwave opens with a swinging door and inserts between cabinetry or along / next to walls with an additional trim kit.
Built-in: A true built-in microwave becomes part of the cabinetry and usually features a drop-down door, similar to a conventional oven.
Works like a conventional microwave oven, but includes a heating element and fan to heat and circulate the air around the food
Ability to brown, crisp, bake, and broil like a traditional oven
Convection microwaves are convenient for busy kitchens, such as small restaurants or large households
Converts electricity into microwaves (a type of radio-wave) that heat the food
Fast and efficient because only the food is heated
Generally, the cheapest microwave available

Consider Microwave Features

Convection: Convection cooking uses a fan to circulate hot air on all sides of the dish, creating delightful, evenly cooked dishes. It even offers a browning option to simulate the same cooking as a broiler.
Wattage: Watts represent the power of your new microwave. This impacts how quickly and evenly food cooks – the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking.
Grills feature
Microwaves with grills. These offer the convenience of a microwave with the benefit of a grill.
A grill microwave gives you the added benefit of being able to brown and crisp your food, which is not possible in a standard microwave

Microwave is more than just a dorm-room staple. Before you buy your next microwave, take the time to gather the following information to find the right one for you and your family.

Alternating pressure air mattresses

Alternating pressure air mattresses for healing and relief of bed sores and ulcers

Alternating pressure air mattresses are used predominantly in hospitals. These mattresses are especially ideal for critical patients who are either disabled or find it difficult to move around or change their positions. Not being able to change positions for a long time can lead to bed sores or ulcers, which in turn adds to their discomfort. Here is where you can opt for alternating pressure air mattresses. These mattresses provide comfort and a great deal of relief to patients.

Alternating pressure air mattresses
Alternating pressure air mattresses

Requirement of Alternating Pressure Air Mattress

There are multiple reasons you may need an alternating pressure air mattress.
1. The patient in the hospital is unable to move around comfortably leading to reduced blood circulation. This in turn leads to onset of bed sores and ulcers multiplying the trauma and suffering.
2. If a family member suffers from an ailment which has made him/her disabled, you can think of getting the alternating pressure air mattress.
3. There is no way, be it in the hospital or at home, can you keep changing the position of the patient every 2 hours. This is extremely laborious and there are chances you might do more harm than good. This is where the alternating pressure air mattress works as a savior.
4. We also need to consider that manual turning of a patient might induce pain, which defeats the entire purpose.
5. Alternating pressure air mattress can change the pressure of a particular area without any postural change being involved. This works well for treatment of pressure sores.
Understanding the Therapy Associated with Alternating Pressure Air Mattresses
Alternating pressure therapy redistributes pressure which in turn stimulates the flow of blood to the skin. This therapy can be defined in cycle times. If the time between cycles is less, it allows more blood flow to the skin thus relieving pressure points to heal bed sores. You can also find alternating pressure air mattresses available in cycle times which are adjustable.

The Costs of the Alternating Pressure Air Mattresses

You can find a variety of different alternating pressure air mattresses in various price ranges depending on the features you are looking for. Features like auto lock, adjustable cycles and static float come at a different price. You must make sure of your requirement before you choose one.
Make the Right Choice
You can find alternating pressure air mattresses where a certain amount of cells in the mattress use the low air loss feature to keep the patient comfortable and cool. The air pump used in these mattresses is absolutely quiet and produce higher air flow as compared to many of the alternating pressure air mattresses. You can also look for air mattresses which can heal bed sores at stage 2. This works perfect for long time care. All you need to do is find out the different specifications of different alternating pressure air mattresses and opt for one that suits your specific needs.
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Step by step instructions to Pick Your Perfect Mattress

Prepared for a new mattress? Here’s the way to locate the one that suits you best.

Getting a decent night’s rest relies on upon various variables – solace, anxiety level, room temperature – however to take care of business, you’ve got the chance to begin with the fundamentals and your mattress is the first building square to a tranquil sleep.

In case you’re in the business sector for a new mattress and have as of late brought a walk around the path of a bedding store, you realize that there is a confounding cluster from which to pick. How would you know which mattress is best for you?

To begin, says Arya Nick Shamie, MD, partner educator of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, the mattress needs to bolster your body in an impartial position, one in which your spine has a pleasant shape and your bum, heels, shoulders, and head are upheld in legitimate arrangement

“On the off chance that the mattress is too firm, it will push on those fundamental weight calls attention to take you askew,” Shamie tells me. “In the event that its too delicate, those weight focuses won’t be appropriately bolstered, so your entire body flounders back.” Both of these situations can prompt a throbbing morning.

As a rule, one sort or brand of bed isn’t better than another, says Michael Breus, PhD, a WebMD rest master and creator of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep. In any case, he does find that a firmer bed is by all accounts better for individuals with lower back pain.

Actually, scientists in Spain considered individuals with long haul back pain and found that on a 10-point hard-to-delicate scale individuals who thought about a medium-to-firm mattress (5.6 on the scale) had less back pain than the individuals who mulled over a gentler mattress.

Reasons for Fatigue and Sleepiness and How to Fight Them

Is It Time for a New Mattress?

How would you know whether the bed you’re sleeping on is the right one?

“In the event that you get up in the morning and have some low back pain and can extend and dispose of it in 15 or 30 minutes, that implies you’re on an improper mattress for you,” Breus says.

The right mattress, then again, is one on which you feel no weight, verging on like you’re coasting in air, Breus says.

In case you’re searching for a new mattress, specialists recommend testing it in the store and setting down on every mattress in the position in which you regularly rest. Breus proposes spending no less than 10 to 15 minutes on the bed. Also, bring your own pad! The more you can recreate the way you’ll be sleeping on the mattress once you get it home, the better your shots of picking the right one.

Customer review on Kenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer

There are 572 customer reviews on this stand mixer on the biggest retail site (amazon). In total 462 customer rate it five stars, therefore it’s about more than 80% customer think that it’s a perfect stand mixer. Besides, some of them rate it 1 or 2 stars (27 customers), it’s about 5% people hate it.
Let’s see what people say about Kenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer – Almond Cream.
We will start with positive rating first.

Pros of Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

– One comment since 2009 said that he does not believe in negative reviews about this mixer. He bought this mixer for his wife and he has put on 1/2 a stone because she loves using it for baking cakes. It now takes less than 1/2 time to make any cake or bread mixture and it is also easy to clean. He recommend others this good quality mixer.
– Another said that this mixer is about $100 cheaper than the KitchenAid mixer but actually it is worth about a $200 more. This Kenwood KMix is a modern masterpiece, it’s full of useful features that totally makes sense. Further more, it looks fabulous & it produces excellent result. She quite loves this mixer more than Kitchenaid.
– Jessica from UK said that she love its design so much. Since she’s opening this kenwood kmix as a Christmas present, she cannot stop using it. She absolutely loves this Kenwood. She had picked out a different one as she thought asking for this as a present was a little cheeky considering the price but come Christmas Day she was gobsmacked when she found this was the large box sitting under her tree.

Now let see the cons of Kenwood kmix stand mixer from low rating comments

Cons of kmix
– One person who rate it 1 star said that do not buy this mixer because it’s really hard to use. She said when you stop and raise the mixer arm, it does not come up high enough to get a spatula down the sides of the bowl. In her opinion, it needs to come up higher. this is a poor design for her. A major design fault in her view. Nothing is more frustrating than having to remove completely the K beater in order to scrape down the mixture from the sides of the bowl. It is a very messy exercise to put the beater in/out times by times while baking a cake, and in the end takes longer than if you were using a hand mixer. She warning other do not buy this Kenwood.

KitchenAid vs Kenwood Stand Mixer – Which is the best?

KitchenAid vs Kenwood Stand Mixer - Which is the best
KitchenAid vs Kenwood Stand Mixer – Which is the best stand mixer


On looks alone, the KitchenAid stand mixer wins the competition. After all, there are many colors that it comes with. It is like having a sweet shop in your kitchen. On the other hand, the Kenwood looks so robust and sturdy. It has many additional parts such as bread hook, a mixer, a food processor, loads of beaters and a mixer that are all included in the price. Its beaters scrap the sides of the bowl down as you mix, thus no need to stop the mixing and stir manually.
Score: KitchenAid 1


The Kenwood mixer is efficient, quick and super sturdy. It does not have any cumbersome mechanisms when mixing the stiff dough. The kitchen Aid appears to be fantastic, but part of that appearance is from seeing all the colors together. When you purchase only one mixer and take it to your kitchen, the reality will be a bit different. However, this does not prove that the Kitchen Aid is a low quality appliance, but due to the small details and ease of use, Kenwood mixer stands on a higher ground.

When I used both mixers side by side, it is the time the difference became very apparent. When you put all the ingredients in the bowl and turn it on, the difference starts to appear. For the Kenwood mixer, you will get on with it while for the Kitchen Aid, it will require more attention as the switches are fiddly and getting confused is very easy thus missing the right switch.

In a Kitchen Aid mixer, when you need to stir the mixture or add ingredients, you have to remove the whole bowl unlike in the Kenwood mixer where you only have to lift the head. Removing the entire bowl slows you down.

Comparing these mixers with cars, the Kitchen Aid is like a manual drive car, thus getting you from 1 to 2 perfectly. But just like a manual vehicle, you will require both your hands to control it and a bit of effort and concentration. For the Kenwood mixer, it is like an automatic car, which will require little effort and attention from you to give a perfect outcome.
Score: Kenwood 1

Power – Kitchenaid vs. Kenwood Stand Mixer

The Kenwood’s motor is more robust. The Kitchen Aid is a heavy machine, but it does not feel as if the motor is robust as you would have imagined on such a heavy machine. When running at maximum speed, the Kenwood is stable while the Kitchen Aid feels as if it can break.
Score: Kenwood 1


Kenwood comes with a splash guard that has a flap, which you can open and close while adding more ingredients to the mixer as the motor run. For the Kitchen Aid, the splash guard is quite invisible particularly when working with a lot of icing sugar or flour as it covers everything else in the kitchen even with the splash guard on.

The attachments for the Kenwood are robust and quite easier to attach to the machine while those of Kitchen Aid are hard to attach.
Score: Kenwood 1

Due to the fewer crannies and nooks to get muck into when baking using KitchenAid, it becomes easier to clean as compared to Kenwood mixer.
Score: KitchenAid 1


KitchenAid stand mixer total scores: 2/5
Kenwood stand mixer total scores: 3/5
Therefore, having considered all those features, Kenwood mixer becomes the best mixer to purchase.