KitchenAid vs Kenwood Stand Mixer – Which is the best?

KitchenAid vs Kenwood Stand Mixer - Which is the best
KitchenAid vs Kenwood Stand Mixer – Which is the best


On looks alone, the Kitchen Aid wins the competition. After all, there are many colors that it comes with. It is like having a sweet shop in your kitchen. On the other hand, the Kenwood looks so robust and sturdy. It has many additional parts such as bread hook, a mixer, a food processor, loads of beaters and a mixer that are all included in the price. Its beaters scrap the sides of the bowl down as you mix, thus no need to stop the mixing and stir manually.
Score: KitchenAid 1


The Kenwood mixer is efficient, quick and super sturdy. It does not have any cumbersome mechanisms when mixing the stiff dough. The kitchen Aid appears to be fantastic, but part of that appearance is from seeing all the colors together. When you purchase only one mixer and take it to your kitchen, the reality will be a bit different. However, this does not prove that the Kitchen Aid is a low quality appliance, but due to the small details and ease of use, Kenwood mixer stands on a higher ground.

When I used both mixers side by side, it is the time the difference became very apparent. When you put all the ingredients in the bowl and turn it on, the difference starts to appear. For the Kenwood mixer, you will get on with it while for the Kitchen Aid, it will require more attention as the switches are fiddly and getting confused is very easy thus missing the right switch.

In a Kitchen Aid mixer, when you need to stir the mixture or add ingredients, you have to remove the whole bowl unlike in the Kenwood mixer where you only have to lift the head. Removing the entire bowl slows you down.

Comparing these mixers with cars, the Kitchen Aid is like a manual drive car, thus getting you from 1 to 2 perfectly. But just like a manual vehicle, you will require both your hands to control it and a bit of effort and concentration. For the Kenwood mixer, it is like an automatic car, which will require little effort and attention from you to give a perfect outcome.
Score: Kenwood 1

Power – Kitchenaid vs. Kenwood Stand Mixer

The Kenwood’s motor is more robust. The Kitchen Aid is a heavy machine, but it does not feel as if the motor is robust as you would have imagined on such a heavy machine. When running at maximum speed, the Kenwood is stable while the Kitchen Aid feels as if it can break.
Score: Kenwood 1


Kenwood comes with a splash guard that has a flap, which you can open and close while adding more ingredients to the mixer as the motor run. For the Kitchen Aid, the splash guard is quite invisible particularly when working with a lot of icing sugar or flour as it covers everything else in the kitchen even with the splash guard on.

The attachments for the Kenwood are robust and quite easier to attach to the machine while those of Kitchen Aid are hard to attach.
Score: Kenwood 1

Due to the fewer crannies and nooks to get muck into when baking using KitchenAid, it becomes easier to clean as compared to Kenwood mixer.
Score: KitchenAid 1


KitchenAid stand mixer total scores: 2/5
Kenwood stand mixer total scores: 3/5
Therefore, having considered all those features, Kenwood mixer becomes the best mixer to purchase.